I am Hugo.

Nice to meet you! I am a data specialist with a passion for data visualisation and modelling.

Name Hugo Janssen
City Utrecht
Occupation Data Specialist
Education M.Sc. Computer Science (2004)
Interests Machine learning, data visualization, web design, photography
HUGO. | Hugo Janssen

My name is Hugo. I am a data specialist from Utrecht, The Netherlands and I have over 10 years of IT experience.

I love to wrangle and munch data to extract insights that are hidden underneath its surface. My favourite tools include SQL, JavaScript, D3.js and Java, but I am also comfortable with Python and R.

Throughout this page you'll find some examples of data visualizations in D3.js. For more projects, have a look at my Github repositories, or visit my LinkedIn profile for more details.

Data Science.

Data Science is the extraction of knowledge and actionable insights from large volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Collect raw data

Combine raw data from a variety of sources, both internal and external, and ingest it into a suitable data processing environment.

Clean and explore

Fill missing values, normalize and infer new features to create a clean and enriched data set. Plot exploratory figures to get to know the data, find outliers and anomalies, and identify potential predictors.

Model and learn

Gain a deeper understanding of the data and apply suitable models to learn the message that is hiding in the data. Validate the model and verify the hypothesis.

Communicate results

Prepare intuitive, visually appealing content that summarizes the lessons learned and, most importantly, tempts users to take action.

Clutter and confusion are failures of design, not attributes of information.

― Edward R. Tufte

Experience & Skills.

2011 - date

Data Specialist / ValueCare

Delivery of a daily auditing service in the healthcare sector and development of data products that monitors revenue (actual and forecasted) versus budget.

2006 - 2011

ECM Consultant / Logica (now CGI)

Implementations of document management and workflow solutions in the financial sector.

2004 - 2006

ECM Consultant / Unisys

Implementations of document management and workflow solutions for government agencies.

1998 - 2004

MSc. Computer Science / University of Twente

Specialized in Distributed and Embedded Systems. Graduation thesis on peer-to-peer technology in printer networks. Internship at ASM International in Phoenix, AZ.



Blocks are small pieces of code to show off the cool stuff that I've made. Have a look, you'll get the gist of it.

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The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.

― Carly Fiorina, former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard Company or HP